Can not reach a market trend

understand insight

Not trendy

Although your business is stable or has a regular customer, we have to do marketing every time. Especially during the business growing time, Catching the social issues or topics point is essential. Therefore, customer demand reaching is a very important thing. So we can use data to improve communication which is suitable for target customers.

FUSE- professional Social media marketers who can help you create business marketing on any platform. We have suggestion services that help to develop a business. Includes working with social listening that can help you reach market trends and customer favoring, more reach target groups, and take data to development.

Overwhelmed order, can't respond in time

Admin can't work in time

Slow response

Customer order error

In growing times, There have many orders from customers. This might make an admin unable to effectively response to those customer orders in time. Therefore, it makes a customer decide to buy with another store. The basic way that Sellsuki wants to suggest you is to set up the automatic responding system, it will help you to manage and respond to the majority of the customer in time.

Meanwhile, there might have some customers who will ask about your products and services. And don't want an automatic responding system. Therefore, it might make them dissatisfied. So, today Sellsuki has an assistant service Kaikong admin that will help you to manage a customer order. The ability to respond to the customer in 15 hours (09:00-24:00) makes the business owner doesn't have to worry about this response part and let our professional admin take care of your business

Goods storage is insufficient, can not pack a parcel in time

Insufficient storage

Error order managing

Can not pack a parcel in time

Increasing the order amount, refers to making goods storage insufficient. In the past, you just stock your products at home. But when you have a higher ordering total, you can not pack and send it in time, and there is always an error in order management.

Akita fulfillment is a warehouse service that helps business owners reduce tasks whether storage goods, packing a parcel, parcel delivery including we have a system that has the ability to calculate product stock which helps you manage products in every order. Make you increase capability in packing and delivery. We can especially use these data to analyze and plan a business plan as well.


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